Open Source Development

Open Source Development has never been so customizable! With Pioneer’s open source development team, you will see commonly structured & single framework websites like word press but completely customized and unique for you. It is no mystery that “unique” sells on the internet, and that is exactly what you will get with a web design company like Pioneer.

One of the key advantages of Open Source software is that it allows you to easily edit parts of the website with absolutely no website editing experience. Therefore after the website is built for you, you do not need to have any website experience to edit the content of your website.

Open source software is known for its hight levels of security as the software has been tested on thousands if not millions of websites, so flaws in the code can quickly be established and corrected. The flexibility that open source software exhibits makes it a populat choice for many corporate, ecommerce, and blog sites, as they can be edited by an amateur and they are very cost effective.

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